[Game contest #1] Solve an exclusive level to upgrade your Kickstarter pledge !

Dear time travelers,

Today is the beginning of our first game contest.

A new level is now available in our demo. This level will self-destruct on the 21st of April.

The first 3 people to solve it will have their pledge upgraded for free !

More precisely :

  • Up to ~Time knot~ tier, your pledge is improved to the next pledge. For example, if you backed ~Time knot~ pledge, you upgrade to ~Time VIP~ for free ! 
  • From ~Time VIP~ tier, your pledge will not be improved but you earn an additional Easter Egg that will be hidden in the game
  • For those who got ~They travelled back to be the first~ tier, you upgrade to ~Time paradox resolver~

Play our free demo and click on “Game contest” to participate. Beware : This level is harder than what you’ve tried until now…

Good puzzle !


Demo_TEIY_Windows.zip 69 MB
61 days ago
Demo_TEIY_Mac.zip 70 MB
61 days ago
Demo_TEIY_Linux.zip 70 MB
61 days ago
Demo_HTML3.zip Play in browser
61 days ago

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